If you need a limb chopped off, I know a guy.

I will be coming home from Boston this week just in time to celebrate my eldest son Ravis’ 12th birthday on the 12th of July! My surgery was only delayed five days due to covid and took place on May 27th. My unique circumstance proved to be a wee bit more of a challenge thanContinue reading “If you need a limb chopped off, I know a guy.”

My Story Part 1, Ireland.

     I was born with an extensive birthmark most of it concentrated on my left leg. I now understand this to be Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome, which causes vein malformations and usually results in abnormal development of blood vessels, soft tissues, bones and the lymphatic system. My parents said that as a baby my left leg was abnormallyContinue reading “My Story Part 1, Ireland.”