I was certified by the Human Potential Institute in January 2019.

I became a certified Carnivore coach in March 2020

Why I coach.

Coaching is a way for me to be able to use my various skill sets to benefit others. Due to my own personal heath challenges and the inability of my doctors to point me in positive direction I have tried all sorts of interventions both physical, mental and spiritual to live a less painful and more joyful life. Becoming a certified Human potential coach trained me how to let people take the lead in their own life and be a partner that can bring accountability, encouragement and a different perspective.

Human Potential Coaching

This coaching model is client led and presence based. You might just need one session to flesh out an idea or solve an issue thats been bothering you or it could be a weekly or bi weekly meeting working towards a longer term goal. The goal or problem can pertain to any area of your life, Work, Health, Relationships, Existential dread! Nothing is out of bounds because my job is not to give you advice but to be an honest and open inquirer who wants you to succeed.

I use the Zoom platform for coaching so it is a pandemic proof business!

If you would like to book a free consult and see if this type of coaching would be helpful for you please email me at

Carnivore Coaching

The most transformative change in my health has been my adoption of a low carb animal based diet. It has dramatically reduced my chronic inflammation and enabled gains in metabolic health and lean muscle growth far beyond what working out can accomplish alone. This diet is not about dogma or denial, it is a way to change our relationship with food. For those who find success with the diet it is a liberating and delicious way to put almost any chronic health issue into remission.

I am a certified carnivore coach through the platform where you can find all sorts of help in adjusting to a meat based diet. If you would like coaching from me in this area it must be done through the platform. You can book a very affordable 30 min session for $18 by following this link

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